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Death★Rabbits was formed in September of 2004. They originally had a line-up of vocals, bass, guitar, drums, and keyboard - however, in March of 2005 their keyboardist, Pate, was replaced by Aya on guitar. Information about each member can be found in the above picture - just click on each member to see their postition in the band and basic stats.

WELCOME to the livejournal community for fans of the Jindies band Death★Rabbits! This is a general community, so you may post anything; news, tour dates, pictures, graphics, fanfiction - it's all acceptable, as long as it's Death★Rabbits-related. Be sure to follow the (few) rules below~
X Promotion of other J-Rock or J-Indies related communities IS allowed.
X /NO/ flaming or bashing the band/other members.
X All images over 100x100 must be under an LJ-CUT.
X Fanfiction posts must contain a rating.
X File sharing is fine, just remember to SUPPORT the band.
X Have fun~ n_n
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